"The Oven That
Burns Only Sunshine"

Burning only sunshine, the Solar Chef® allows you to cook anywhere under the sun with its removable, durable Lexan® dome and insulated cooking chamber. This state-of-the-art outdoor oven costs nothing to operate, yet delivers the same cooking performance of a conventional oven as it bakes, browns, roasts or cooks food using your regular oven cookwear.

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Solar Chef®StarFlower

High Performance Solar Oven

Manufacturing for
the World Market

With no additional fuel requirements and large capacity cooking chamber, the Solar Chef® is ideal for all environments. From Lubbock, Texas, we will be branching out to other countries to set up manufacturing there. Our first targets are Africa and Central America where our Solar Chef oven is a real answer to the extreme deforestation problem in many parts of these countries created by the fact that much of the indigenous population cook daily with fossil fuels. Please see the solar map below which shows that areas with highest solar radiation potential also are the hardest hit areas of deforestation.

This oven provides cooking answers to a portion of the world's 3 billion people who cook with resources which have to be searched for and found (wood or dung) or bought (coal or charcoal), because they also live in areas which are also bathed in the sun from morning until night.

Solar Cooking Oven
Built in Texas

Cooking is easy wherever the sun shines with our solar ovens. Whether you cook large items, small items, or several items at the same time, no charcoal, chips, or gas are needed. In fact, the Solar Chef® StarFlower, with its two sizes of 48" and 36" in diameter, as pictured above, with capacities of up from 12 to 25 pound turkeys, or if one wanted, 5 gallons of beans or rice in the larger model and 2 gallons in the smaller model. Bake, brown, or roast using standard cooking utensils and enjoy fewer carcinogens. There is no need to adjust recipes; use conventional cooking times year round.

Experience an alternative cooking method with Solar Chef® International, based in Lubbock, Texas. The StarFlower is the solar cooker made with the highest quality workmanship for anyone interested in efficient, free energy cooking, including hunters, campers and environmentalists.

Map of Solar Insulation


Home Power Magazine

Home Power Magazine published an article in their Jan/Feb/ 2015 issue of the magazine on the Solar Chef StarFlower. It was tested by Kathleen Jarschke-Schultze last fall, and her results are extremely positive! Kathleen has written other fantastic articles about Solar Chef over the years, but this is the first one over the new StarFlower.