Learn more about solar ovens from Solar Chef® International. We will soon be manufacturing these high performance ovens that provide an alternative cooking method with no environmental pollutants. Solar Chef® StarFlower will be available in 36-inch and 48-inch diameter and can go in places where fires and glass containers are prohibited.

Solar Chef®

Burning only sunshine, the Solar Chef® allows you to cook anywhere under the sun with its removable, durable Lexan® dome and insulated cooking chamber. This state-of-the-art outdoor oven costs nothing to operate, yet delivers the same cooking performance of a conventional oven as it bakes, browns, roasts or cooks food using your regular oven cookwear.

the Sun’s Power

Each oven contains 10 powerful, high quality, polished aluminum segments. These segments harness the power of the sun and direct it into the cooking chamber, heating it up to 500 degrees. The large capacity stainless steel cooking chamber handles up to 2 gallons of liquid (rice, beans) in the 36" and 5 gallons in the 48" StarFlower.